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Interview by Josh Ryder and Melissa C. HilbornPeripheral ARTeries Contemporary Art Review, Biennial Edition, October 2017


The 56th Ann Arbor Film Festival, where I Think You Should Come to America played in the Main Competition programme, March 2018


Interview that marked my employment as Course Director of BA (Hons) Media Production degree, Coventry University, UNCOVERED, Coventry University, UK, August 2016


Radio interview by Zbigniew Banas at the 2016 Austin Polish Film Festival, Austin, TX, October 2016


‘The early films of Roman Polanski. An interview with Kamila Kuc’, Roman Polanski: Vie et destin de l’artiste (Paris: Éditions Philippe Rey, 2010) written by Florence Columbani, September 2009

This book interview explores aspects of Roman Polanski's early career, mainly his short films made prior to Knife in the Water (1962): 'Polanski a un raport instinctif avec le surréalisme qui lui vient de sa petite enfance: il le raconte dans son autobiographie.'

Parts of this interview formed a radio programme ‘Roman Polanski: Vie et destin de l’artiste’, which aired on Radio France in August 2010.