Black Bile_Still1.jpg
Black Bile Still 2.jpg

Format: 35mm cinegrams and Super8, transferred to HD, b&w and colour
Country: UK/USA
Duration: 3 mins 11 secs
Direction / Editing / Writing / Acting: Kamila Kuc
Photograms: Kamila Kuc
Camera: Reed O’Beirne
Sound: Rob Godman

Black Bile Chronicles website.

Thanks to Kerry Laitala, University of New Mexico, Experiments in Cinema Festival and the participants of the Cinegram Workshop (Ruth Hayes, Linda Fenstermaker, Dustin Zemel, Rachel Guasp, Niko Doezma, Karima Walker, Andrew Salazar, Jenette Isaacson, Sen Garcia, David Munich), Albuquerque, 2015. Additional thanks to Caryn Cline, Cecelia Condit, Sally Cloninger, Jerry Duba, Tessa Garland, Marta Hawkins, Sean Kenny, Michelle Mellor, Scott Stark, Amanda Sterling, Patrick Tarrant and Lili White.

A response to Albrecht Dürer’s Melencolia whereby ominous cinegrams of his print intercut, like cascading razors, with an isolated woman’s fraught actions and, more particularly, inactions – evoking a cathartic rhythm of repression and reconciliation.