Co-funded with Sam Jury, Disasters of Peace project is a collaborative international initiative that incorporates research, making, writing and curating. Following on from a series of touring film screenings, the project currently focuses on the post-production of two separate films (authored by Jury and Kuc) and a collaborative installation diptych, Abkhazia Files (working title) as outcomes of The Archive Residency Programme at SKLAD in Sukhum (Abkhazia). 

Communities of Archives project includes multiple works undertaken globally (Morocco, Poland, USA) over extensive period of time. Exploring the politics and poetics of personal recollections, these projects centre on compelling and bittersweet memories of various family events (births, deaths, displacement, emigration) and incidents of national significance (World War Two, the 2018 United States elections). Juxtaposing personal archives (oral recollections, diaries, letters, photographs, sound and film recordings) with institutional repositories, these works reveal the contradictory nature of memory on the backdrop of our mediated culture.